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Heather Haggard aka Heather Kowitz was never a City Of Portland Oregon employee or a member of any Union.

Court document proving admissibility of Mrs. Heather Kowitz's Web Site

Document City of Portland's First Request For Production of Documents includes E-mails  admissible due to being included in a published ethics complaint to the Oregon State Bar- Heather Kowitz v. Griggs Law LLC and Associates.

Court of Appeals Case #:0:19-cv-35148

Case # 19-35148 Information


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Case 19-35148 Results

Portlandia is by Raymond Kaskey - 2 nd largest copper statue in the US after the Statue of Liberty

Docket for Case # 19-35148 and Case # Kowitz v. City of Portland, Case No. 3:16-cv-00598-SI (D. Or. Jul. 20, 2018)

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Mrs. Heather Kowitz 's Trial Exhibit Index

9 th Cir. Case No. 19-35148 Informal Opening Brief Addendum- Footnotes 

9 th Circuit Court of Appeals

19-35148 Docket Text

Oregon Federal District Court

Docket Case # 3:16-cv-00598

Appellant's Opening Brief

Case # 19-35148 Appellent's Opening Brief

Motion for Appointment of Council

Summary of Legal Issues for Attorney’s

Note: Attorney David Griggs forwarded E-mail and Attorney David Landrum forwarded E-mail from Judge Micheal Simon were admitted under discovery rules due to a published complaint made to the Oregon State Bar Ethics Board.

Motion For Transcripts At The Government Expense

Case # 19-35148 Motion For Transcripts At The Governments Expense and Supporting documents, Including a Motion from the District of Oregon 

Court for Transcripts At The government Expense.

conditions of the Incarceration of Heather Kowitz

Arrested At Home with No Basis Partial Discription

Officer Zack did not read Mrs. Heather Kowitz her Miranda rights, she was not allowed to wear appropriate footware and handcuffs were applied tightly. Handcuffs were applied in the back as if Mrs. Kowitz was a male instead of in the front across the lap which is required for arresting females.

Not Classified Correctly and Stripped Searched, Kept In Holding For Hours

Mrs. Heather Kowitz was not asked the same questions during classification as other prisoners, she was not asked about her status in the queer community as a lesbian, which is required by Federal law. Mrs. Heather Kowitz was  Fingerprinted  illegally.

Additionally she was strip searched revealing the fact that Mrs. Heather Kowitz is a 50 year old lesbian with an intact hymen. After the Multnomah County Sherriff's office discovered her hymen she was kept in solitary confinement that night in frigid conditions. Mrs. Heather Kowitz was transfered to Oregon  Women's Inverness Multnomah County Jail the following morning.

No Phone Privileges During Normal Business Day - No Representation- Judge Partial to City Of Portland

Mrs. Heather Kowitz's phone privileges were never set up, therefore she was not allowed to call any attorney's and was not properly represented. She was not taken to court. Mrs. Heather Kowitz was not represented at the video conference with the Judge, and was not allowed to present her case.

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Heather Kowitz v. City of Portland

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