2015 Transcripts And Claims

Heather and Renae’s wedding rings.

Site Under Construction 2

Recorded Interviews and telephone calls of Heather (Haggard ) Kowitz and BOLI staff.

Site Under Construction 2

3 recordings of City of Portland v Heather Kowitz Unemployment Hearings with Honorable Judge Kristen Murdock.

PBOT HR Recordings 2014

Portland Bureau of Transportation HR Interview recordings after initial Torts Claim Notice and Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industry complaint by Heather ( Haggard) Kowitz.

PBOT HR Meetings Recordings 2015

Portland Bureau of Transportation HR interview recordings 2015.

Trial Exhibits provided by Grigg's Law and Associates and admitted By Pro Se Attorney Heather Kowitz

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Site Under Construction 2

Site Under Construction2

Claims For Relief

First & Second Claim For Relief


First Claim for Relief

( Disability Discrimination - 42 U. S. C. & 12101 et seq.) (Count 1 - Disparate Treatment)

Second Claim for Relief ( State Disability Discrimination)( Count 2 - Unlawful medical examination) photo: Access Center for Independant Living

Third Claim For Relief



Fourth Claim For Relief

LGBT Bias in the Workplace
Photo of Kyle Dudek
By Kyle Dudek on April 24, 201

( Sexual orientation discrimination and retaliation - ORS 659 A . 030 et sea.

Complaint USDCOO 3:16-cv-00598SI

Heather Kowitz v City of Portland Complaint filed April 1, 2016.